Precipitation-Runoff Models

Distributed Models

         3D-Catchment Conceptual Multilayer Model (ArcEGMO)

         Bochum Water Balance Model (BWBM)

         CASCade of Planes, 2-Dimensional (CASC2D)


         Central Valley Groundwater and Surface water model (C2VGSM)

         Dynamic Watershed Simulation Model (DWSM)

         Hydrological River Basin Environment Assessment Model (HydroBEAM)

         Hydrospheric Atmospheric Sciences Model (IHAS)

         Integrated Water Flow Model (IWFM)

         Kinematic Runoff and Erosion Model, Version 2 (KINEROS2)

         Physically-Based Distributed Erosion Model (MEFIDIS)

         MIKE SHE

         MIKE SWMM

         Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS)

         One-Dimensional Numerical Model (SVAT-HYCY)

         Storm Water Management Model (SWMM)

         TOPographic Kinematic Approximation and Integration (TOPIKAPI)


Lumped and Parametric Models

         Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender (APEX)


         Geomorphology-Based Hydrological Model (GBHM)

         Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS)

         Hydrologic Simulation Model (HSIMHYD)

         Integrated Hydro Meteorological Model (IHMM)

         Illinois Urban Catchment Runoff Simulation (ILUCAT)

         Large Basin Runoff Model (LBRM)

         MIKE 11 RR (Rainfall Runoff)


         Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Toolbox (RRMT) & Monte-Carlo Analysis (RRMT&MCAT)

         Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Model (SCS-CN)


         Soil-Plant-Air-Water System (SPAW)

         Hydrograph Simulation Model (SYN-HYD)

         Utah Energy Balance Snowmelt Model (UEB)

         Hydrological Model and Forecasting System (WATFLOOD)

         Watershed Bounded Network Simulation Model (WBNM)

         Mathematical Model for Rainfall-Runoff Transformation (WISTOO)

Environmental Models

         Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Models (AGNPS 98)

         Areal Nonpoint Source Watershed Environmental Simulation (ANSWERS)

         Continuous Annual Simulation Model (CALSIM)

         Erosion Productivity-Impact Calculator/ Environmental Policy Integrated Climate (EPIC)

         Hydrologic Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF)

         LOAD ESTimator (LOADEST)

         One-dimensional Transport with EQuilibrium chemistry (OTEQ)

         Illinois Least-Cost Sewer System Design Model (ILSD)

         Illinois Urban Storm Runoff Model (IUSR)

         Water Quality/Solute Transport (OTIS)

         Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)

         Large Scale Catchment Model, formerly CALSIM (WRIMS)

Monthly Water Balance Models

         Two-Parameter Water Balance Model (TPWBM)

         Truckee - Carson Water Operations Model

         Water Balance Simulation Model (WASMOD)

Real Time Flow Forecasting Models

         National Weather Service River Forecast System (NWSRFS)

         Watershed Bounded Network Model (WBNM2007)

Hydraulic Models

         Branched Lagrangian Transport model (BLTM)

         Diffusion Analogy Flow Model (DAFLOW)

         Full Equations Model (FEQ)

         Illinois Hydrodynamic Watershed Model III (IHW-III)

         MIKE 11

         Two-Dimensional Alluvial River and Floodplain Model (MIKE21 CHD & CST)

         Two-Dimensional Floodplain Model (MIKE21 HD)

         Urban Drainage and Sewer Model (MOUSE)

         Physical Habitat Simulation System (PHABSIM)

         Pennsylvania Runoff Simulation Model (PRSM)


River and Watershed Management Models

         Hydrologic River Operations Study System (HYDROSS)

         Interactive River-Aquifer Simulation Program (IRAS)

         Water Demand Management Suite (IWR-MAIN)

         MIKE BASIN

         Generalized River Basin Network Flow Model (MODSIM)


         Model for Analysis of Sportfishery Management Policy (RIOFISH)


         Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP)

GIS Application in Hydrology and Hydraulics

         Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool

         eCoastal Program

         BASINS version 4.0

         GIS Weasel





         NHDPlus Append Tool

         NRCS Geo-Hydro_ArcGIS

         NRCS Geo-Hydro_ArcView


         Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)

Regional and Global Hydrology Models

         Global Hydrologic Evaluation Model (GHEM)

         Regional Hydro-climate Model (Reg-HCM)

Stochastic Models

         Stochastic Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (SAMS)

         Stochastic Event Forecasting Model (SEFM)

Parameter Analysis Models

         Multi-Model Analysis (MMA)

         Universal Inversion Code (UCODE)

Questionnaires for the model inventory

         Questionnaire 2010

         Guidelines for Questionnaire 2010